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The Hoban Family Office is a single family office that seeks to expand our portfolio of operating businesses through organic growth and strategic acquisitions or mergers, with a mandate to acquiring property management firms in the Pacific Northwest or other major Western US cities where key principals might be contemplating retirement or another reason to exit.

Check sizes for transactions range from $1 million up to as high as $10 million at the high-end .  Our family office will consider acquiring an existing portfolio of related businesses as well.

We are also open to investing our patient capital into a broad variety of direct investment opportunities, but we would prefer the following:

  1. $250,000+ EBITDA-producing businesses during the last full year of operations
  2. Only U.S.-based operating businesses (nothing international for now)
  3. Preference given to businesses based in Western US states but we consider opportunities across the nation
  4. Operating businesses with a real estate component are of particular interest
  5. Will consider distressed situations

We have the ability to move quickly but we are under no internal time pressure.  Exiting principals in firms we acquire often find a reliable buyer in our family office and operating companies, providing a steady income stream from the transaction pay-off or sometimes a better platform from which to operate and continue working.  To date, we have successfully acquired or merged half a dozen companies and seek to acquire two to three per year under an aggressive mandate to accelerate growth at Coast Property Management and take advantage of our scalability, systems and human resources strengths.

We have a team and the experience necessary to navigate complex situations whether they be financial hardships, debt, buy-out complications, or replacing a private equity fund on your cap table.  For a confidential discussion about an opportunity, contact Tom Hoban at tomhoban@hobanfamilyoffice.com or Shawn Hoban at shawnhoban@hobanfamilyoffice.com.

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