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With a plunger, a pick-up truck and $1,200, Tom and Shawn Hoban launched their real estate career together in 1987. Their others-centered view of life oriented them toward a service-focused platform and their first venture together, Coast Property Management. Success as property managers led to the creation of other related entities that help individuals and other family offices co-invest with them in multi-family workforce housing through CEP Multifamily.

The Hoban family sees its good fortune rooted in rock solid family values and a shared faith that feeds into the brother’s humble servant style of leadership. Their long-term goal is to favorably impact the lives of 1 million souls through their business and investment activity as well as their philanthropic work.



Hoban Family Office

2829 Rucker Avenue
Everett, WA 98201

Phone: 425-654-6526

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