Hi Po Program

The Hoban brothers built their businesses by recognizing the unique gifts and talents of people with shared values then finding alignment of those people with common life goals to create a compelling and complimentary team dynamic, leading to a competitive advantage. As their holdings have grown, developing a programmatic way to identify individuals with high potential, which they refer to as “Hi Po’s”, inside and outside of the companies became necessary. HFO’s Hi Po program borrows ideas from other high-performing companies with similar programs but customizes it to fit the Hoban’s and Coast Group’s unique cultural values, driven from an others-centered view of all areas of life. Once identified, individuals inside the company enjoy one-on-one attention from Tom and Shawn Hoban with an eye on developing their potential inside the Coast Group or other holdings of HFO as it grows. Individuals outside the company might not know they are even identified as a Hi-Po by HFO, but have in some way or another proven themselves to be people of the highest character, work ethic and with the potential to be fits inside of any of the HFO holdings.  Timing and alignment might motivate HFO to reach out and test the waters around life and career goals to determine if there’s a fit. In some cases, a Hi Po might present in such a way that the brothers and their entrepreneurial abilities see a new venture together and a start-up is born.

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