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Started in 2017, Coast Innovation Center’s stated purpose is to disrupt the real estate industries that the Coast Group of Companies operates in with attention to deploying technologies or new processes that secure the companies a competitive advantage, create an improvement in services for its clients and/or improve the efficiency of the Coast company involved.

Tom heads the center inside of HFO with up to five concepts being incubated and beta testing at any one time.  Concepts must be deployable within six months of being admitted.

Companies interested in applying for admittance into the program must possess entrepreneurial and compelling new technologies or proprietary processes that might need a willing and savvy platform of assets and/or operating companies tied to entrepreneurial and capable ownership into which they can more speedily develop their product/service and deploy it.

After initial screening, a selection committee is formed to determine if the concept or program meets the Coast Innovation Center criterion and then, once selected, a working arrangement is made with milestones and accountability for all toward a desired outcome.

To date, Coast Innovation Center has deployed several tools that give its companies competitive advantages, including Chatbox.  It is currently evaluating various digital platforms to more effectively monitor and manage activity within its property and facility management portfolio.

For more information, contact Tom Hoban at or 425-654-6526.

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